Not My Enemy

In the aftershock of the election of our new president, I refuse to espouse hate. Muslims are not my enemy. Mexicans are not my enemy. Refugees are not my enemy. Disenfranchised whites and poor urban blacks are not my enemy. The rich and wealthy are not my enemy. Those with disabilities or limited capabilities are […]

Self to Self

2016 ended in a great deal of chaos. From a divisive presidential election that saw a record rise in vitriolic language and random acts of violence, to a year ending in a rapid succession of celebrity deaths that shocked us awake. And that was on the national stage! Our personal lives reeled in disheartening news […]

Poetry Blast: Transition

The walls breathe and in their exhale is your story Whispers of a time greyed by fading memories Of a time slipping perpetually into past tense The present moment itself only temporary Ephemeral Constantly reaching for that next instance of existence Grasping uncontrollably at undulating waves of aimless air Hoping the logic of it all falls into formation Understandably […]


It twists, it turns It leaps forward, it bounces back It stretches onward, it retreats It creeps sideways, it sneaks It’s shaped by emotion It’s spray-painted with commotion It’s a joyous ride It’s a slippy-slide It’s pinched by pain It’s squeezed by shame It’s healed by laughter It’s forever thought after It’s bleak, it’s raw […]

All God’s Children Got Wings

I got wings, you got wings, All God’s children got wings When I get to heav’n I’m goin’ put on my wings I’m goin’ to fly all over God’s heav’n Heav’n, Heav’n Ev’rybody talkin’ ’bout heav’n ain’t goin’ there Heav’n, Heav’n I’m goin’ to fly all over God’s Heav’n -Negro Spiritual There’s a profound sense of freedom one has when […]